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Cast Bullet Engineering

Create the satisfaction of hand casting your own lead projectiles with brass moulds from Cast Bullet Engineering.

Each quality mold is individually manufactured from free machining brass. Our comprehensive on-line catalogue of over 600 bullet specifications allows a multitude of choices and variations.

Many CBE designs can be made into single, double or triple cavity moulds. We also have some designs that create hollow point or hollow base lead bullets or are used for Paper Patch or Powder Coating. Cast Bullet Engineering specialises in hand crafted molds for the home caster and are used with standard RCBS, LEE Commercial or KAL Handles.

CBE also carries a large range of Gator Check gas checks, Lube Sizer Dies, bullet lube from LBT, White Label and SPG, Marvellux Flux and KAL and LEE Handles along with Simplex reloading dies and parts to compliment your order. Whether you’re a new or experienced caster, looking for a mould to suit your old 577/450 Martini Henry, your SMLE 303 British, your Martini 310 Cadet or brand new rifle, handgun or shotgun, we’re sure you’ll find something to be casting quality, accurate lead bullets.

CBE also carries publications such as the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th edition, the new Woodleigh Reloading Manual and Veral Smith's book on Jacketed Performance with Cast Bullets. 

However you prefer to spell lead bullets, boolits, or pills, you're welcome here and we ask that you share our Links, FAQ's and Downloads pages where you'll find a wealth of information from many experts with anyone you believe may be interested.

Precision Brass Bullet Moulds Proudly Made in Australia for Worldwide Distribution!


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    Also specialising in British Historical Calibres