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Bullet Mould of the Month

310 Cadet Moulds

Well, the month of May went by a bit faster than I thought, here we are again with another Mould of the Month feature.

This month I’ve decided to focus on the 310 Cadet moulds and styles we make.

There are ten different 310 moulds we can make, seven of them are newer designs and are the more common ones I make.

But first, a little bit about the 310 Cadet, from Jim Allison’s notes.

“This popular single shot rifle has a bore size of .310” and a groove diameter of .316” to .318” (usually!)

Similar in size to the 32-20 WCF, the 310 Cadet was originally loaded with a FMJ projectile as required for military use and a swaged lead projectile for target shooting. The cartridge/rifle combination was found to be very accurate and was popular in the early 1900’s as a “Miniature Target Rifle”. Large numbers were shipped to Australia as training rifles for Cadets and in WWII they were provided for use by Home Guard defences in the event of an invasion by Japanese forces.

Experience has shown that heeled projectiles with diameters from .318” to .323” give the best results as the gently tapered throat on these barrels actually measures .325” in front of the case mouth. Chamber castings show that there is no step in the chamber. Barrels we have examined show a smooth polished leade ideal for cast bullets. Case thickness varies between original and modern manufactured brass and most modern cases will not chamber with projectiles having a heel diameter much larger than bore diameter, (.310”) and in some cases the heel needs to be even smaller.

You will notice on the website in the 310 Cadet catalogue that some of the styles have the letter “R” in the designation. This stands for reduced heel diameter, these moulds are appropriate for use with Bertram brass, also made right here in Australia. Bertram brass is thicker in the neck than some of the old original “Super” brand brass, and the reduced heel should be selected so that the loaded round can still be chambered without interference. We have now listed heel diameters for the more common designs on the website, so you can make informed choices about which style will best suit your use.

Most 310 reloaders have had best results using a softer alloy, something like a 30-1 or 20-1 mix, this has allowed the heel section to fully expand to groove diameter, aiding accuracy. As with all cast bullets, you may need to experiment with different alloys to get the desired results.

CBE also has a flat nose hunting style design for the 310 Cadet, it’s listed as 320-125HH, the heel diameter for it is bore size, so would be best suited to thinner walled brass, or a rifle with a generous chamber. And for those that wish to use Blackpowder in their Cadet’s, we have 320-130H, a bullet with a large lube groove, to help carry more lubricant.

There’s two round nose, more traditional designs too, the 310 Cadet #2 and the 310 Cadet #2R.

If you are looking for a more aerodynamic design, we have the 323-125R and the 323-125RTL, a tumble lube design for Xlox and 45-45-10 lubes.

Incidentally, we have just received stock of Xlox and 45-45-10 tumble lubes from White Label as well.

We will be soon selling them in 125ml bottles with a nozzle lid for easy application. Xlox is a replacement for LEE liquid Alox, and 45-45-10 is a Liquid Alox type with a bit of Japan Wax added for a better velocity threshold.  We also received into stock from White Label good stocks of BAC special blend, Carnauba Red and Xlox 2500+. We have decreased the prices of all the lubes now as well, we managed to buy them at a better price, so thought we would pass it on to the Australian shooters.

The LBT Blue lube is still coming, could be anyone’s guess as to when we get that!

Some sizer dies are also in stock now, with another order due soon with some more common sizes.

We have access to nearly any diameter sizer die you can think of, up to about .540” diameter, if you can’t see it on the website, please ask, we’ll do our best to get it for you, but as usual with orders from overseas, we can hit stock shortages at the time of ordering, and it could well be 6-8 weeks before we see it, but we’ll try hard to get what you want.

And lastly, for the 310 Cadet shooters, I’d like to draw your attention to our downloads section of the website, there are two very good articles written and available as a download from the website on loading and shooting the 310 Cadet, one of them was written by Jeff Brown, the owner of Beaver Grease in New Zealand, a very good cast bullet lubricant, especially for Blackpowder.

Part 2 of the article was penned by an Australian 310 Cadet shooter by the name of Justin Bulling, both articles are a “must-read” if you intend shooting a 310 Cadet.

Well, that’s about it for me, back to making moulds until next month. Keep sending your results and targets in to us, we really enjoy seeing success with our moulds.

And as a bonus for June, we’ll include a free stick of bullet lube for every double cavity 310 mould ordered in the month.


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