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Customer Feedback


Some targets received from our customers. If you have a great group shot with bullets cast from a CBE mould, please send a photo and details to 

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A set of targets shot by the owner of CBE, David Commens, at the 2012 State Big Game Titles in the Bore Gun Event. Bullet used is a CBE 730 grain paradox bullet from a GP Greener with a fully rifled barrel and open sights.A recent 50m target shot by Tony C from a 577-450MH rifle using a CBE .465-480MH Bullet and loaded with Black Powder.A nice group shot with a CBE 358-250GC Bullet from a 35 Whelen. Group shot by Simon.
A 5 shot group at 50m shot by myself from a 375-06 Ackley Improved. The bullet was a CBE 376-300GC 380 Rook Cartridges Loaded by Ben E with a CBE 378-125H Mould. Cases are reformed 38 Special.Photo supplied by Chris D - A fantastic group at 100m shot with a CBE 418-410GC.
A 50 metre group shot by Andy L with our paper patched bullet in a 45-70. Bullet weight is 321 grains.A 50 metre group shot with a CBE 458-405GC from a 450 Ackley Magnum.A very nice group shot by Ray D with a CBE 480 grain CCBB projectile from a 577 Snider using blackpowder.
Group shot by Ray D with a CBE 468-480MH projectile from his 577-450 MH rifle.An exceptional 50 metre group shot by Eric G with a 577-450 using straight black powder. CBE 462-500PB.A 10 shot 50 yard group shot by Lindsay G with a Schmidt-Rubin 7.5x55mm with issued battle sights using a 313-174 PB Loverin CBE bullet.