KAL Hexagonal Whitworth Bullet Mould

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This is a true Hexagonal bullet mould to suit the Whitworth rifle, both original and reproductions.

Comes in a kit with the mould, excellent KAL handles and a stainless steel paper patch template.

Please note that this bullet is to be paper patched, as per the original, please see dimensions below.

The bullet measures 1.375" OAL.

Weight is 540 gr. (depending on alloy)

Measurement across the flats = 0.441" - 0.442".

Measurement corner to corner = 0.665" - 0.666"

Cast with: 97 Pb / 1.5 Sb / 1.5 Sn

This bullet was design to be paper patched, using a 9# onion skin paper of no more than 0.002" in thickness. You can find the correct paper here.

And, the patched bullet will fit both the original Parker-Hale and newer Pedersoli Whitworth rifles using as 1:20" twist and a 0.451 bore